My name is Ren Anderson- and I am referred to as “The Lokean”- thanks to my prior blog HERE at http://www.hailloki.wordpress.com. Oddly enough, I am closer to Tyr and the blog was founded as part of an Oath I made to improve the reputation of Loki to Neo-pagans.

In real life, I am not so limited to just those two: work with and honor several deities from several patheons. At the time of this writing I also have altars to Rán, Hera, Eris, Woten, Freyja, Thor, Frey, and oddly enough, Inari. (My husband has altars to equally as many Gods of his own!)

I am legal, multi faith clergy. I graduated from Moravian College, Cum Laude, with degrees in Religion and Philosophy, and served as the Gythia for one of the oldest kindreds in Pennsylvania for the better part of a decade. I live with my husband, Edward, in a small animal sanctuary we created in Exeter, Pennsylvania consisting of four cats, two dogs, and two very large Flemish rabbits.

I donate my time to the pagan and Discordian communities as a crisis/grief chaplain, health permitting. I am not a big fan of weddings, but I will gladly help you with funerals or lending an ear where I can.

The former blog since evolved into a combination of Heathen UPG and fiction combined with a place to vent my spleen when my CPTSD acted up. I stopped updating sometime last year- I felt I had nothing to contribute. To my surprise, I my old blog gained an increased following despite my lack of updates- so here we are. I am honored that people find value in my work, and I am even more gratified to know that what I write occasionally helps people.

The other hat I wear is as a freelance journalist in the medical cannabis community- thanks to the kindness of the Gods and the Pennsylvania medical cannabis community, I have a successful website at http://www.greenbudgazette.com; there I track medical cannabis laws, regulations, price trends and medical advances pertinent to patients in Pennsylvania who rely on cannabis for relief of a number of medical conditions.

The prior Loki blog seemed to have improved my writing skill enough to be taken seriously as a writer- So, in a sense, my life is a fairly good example of how taking a commitment to our Gods seriously has unexpected, positive returns!

Since my conditions are Migraines, PTSD, and chronic pain- my ability to update regularly is severely curtailed- but I do my best. I find that writing in a non-technical capacity therapeutic- however, I only have a limited window of time every three months between my migraine shot treatments where I am able to concentrate fully on a screen and think clearly enough to write.

I thank you in advance for your patience.

Hopefully, by starting this new journal with clearer intentions will be even more useful going forward.


(P.S. You can find me online under the screenname Tyrienne in most places. For example, on Reddit I am /u/Tyrienne and I am Tyriennethe Lokean on istagram. I am not on social media much, however.)

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