Why do we worship the Heathen Gods?

I was asked this question on facebook and realized I could post my reply here as well:

Community to me are everyone who believe in the pre-Abrahamic Gods, (we are loosely grouped by pantheon as pagans; the Norse are who I was raised with, so I relate myself mostly to Asatru:)

The point and value to being Heathen is a great question! That is largely something that an individual decides for themselves and the reasons vary.

For me, the value of being Heathen is knowing that the Gods exist, and continued to exist even through the times where anything but Abrahamic religious practice was forbidden. Threads of ancient traditions and holidays survived through arts and family stories and now that the the suffocating grip of Christianity has released enough that we can celebrate our Gods and our celebrations of the seasons, it is up to us to rediscover and reexaminewhat relationship the Earth, Gods, and humans have with themselves and each other.

Heathenry is a series of perspectives/ways at looking at the world that are unique: namely, in how we interact with nature as well as each other.

Our ethics are largely combined between ideas of honor and justice juxtaposed with a strong reverence towards nature.

We sort ourselves by the Gods/Goddesses we admire the most, or, if we are especially fortunate, are approached by one (or more) as patron deities which then further direct both our decisions as well as what directions we grow further as decent, honorable people.

But, of course, this is simply my opinion. You can believe whatever you like:)

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