Our Gods deserve better than the Asatru representation this week in DC.

Okay, I don’t say much these days, but I will say this:

I will not be associated with nor suffer fools in any capacity, (nor should anyone.) This is ESPECIALLY within Asatru.

The actions of the larping clowns in DC this past week embarrass us all.

Thankfully, I am technically multifaith in my chaplaincy, and feel comfortable keeping my practice as-is while publically distancing from the term ‘Asatru’.

The irony and schadenfreude is not lost on this Lokean that the same groups who felt strongly that devotees of Loki, God of uncomfortable truths and the brightest Intellect were somehow too chaotic for your organizations.

Time has proven Asatru organizations to be chaotic. Lokeans were NEVER your actual problem.

We remain children of the God of Scapegoats, but this time, clearly. it isn’t the Lokeans to blame for the fall in reputation: it is clearly on the shoulders of the ‘conventional Heathens’.

I fully support full reseparation of European Indiginious belief systems from both Heathenry and Asatru, should anyone other than me feel so inclined. (Urglaawe included. Heck, go back to Braucherei/Hexerei, just for the love of Woden, consider redefinition away from ‘Asatru’.)

it’s something to consider or discard as you like, but I’m putting it out there anyway.

Indiginious-based Aesir/Vanir/Jotunr worship, animism, and unbroken ritualistic honoring of ancestors separates us from Neopagans anyway.

If these F’ers want to dress like idiots and embarrass us all, then I highly advocate the abandonment of reconstructionist Heathenry for our own terms.

Furthermore, if there is an argument that I am advocating a ‘cut and run’ instead of fighting to redefine modern Asatru by ancient ethic, then yes. Yes I am, because sometimes, folks, Loki has the right idea. Some fights are better just abandoned so we can put our energies to more productive uses.

More importantly, ethics demand a removal of barriers to entry into private exploration of our indigenous belief systems for those newer to our Gods who are equally repulsed as the famtrads:

They don’t have to come to our dances, but I encourage indigenous polytheists to at very least share their knowledge. (Look, I’ve done my best with my blog over the years… I am not asking you guys to do anything I haven’t done. Show me up, even… overtake me with writings on the Sami or the Dievturiba, or the Slavic Gods or a thousand words on hexenwulves or granniewitches or whathaveyou.)

Anyway, I don’t usually write lately since the environment is surprisingly volatile to writer types. I refuse to write anything I cannot believe in 100%, but also, I have my own personal peace to consider as well.

For emphasis: I know of no God that approves of either fools nor idiots, and frankly, neither do I and neither should you.

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