For Berchta:

In 4 days:

I have denied Odin his normal due

I gave that to Tyr (plus interest)

I threatened Loki with total estrangment. (which, effectively, would be ‘cutting off my right hand’- Don’t worry, that worked itself out.)

I reconciled with Thor

I learned the faces of Frigg

I spoke to ancestors, Gods, and broke time itself.

I negotiated with the dead

I played my violin in the halls of Helheim.

I answered a riddle from Hel, (correctly, I might add)

Received a rune reading from a hanged man.

Found answers; lost sleep

…and stood my ground against Angrboda

and still have two books to read and candles to burn yet.

…and truly hope someday soon I can tell you all about it.

Just listen, Liam and Travis love you.

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