Loki in Modern Media: Just a Taste:

So, articles are being presently compiled on modern representation of our Gods, and did I ever stumble on the most beautifully poignant music video sung by Annie Lennox

Loki Can look like whatever the fuck he wants, and today, he looks like this- and this is what happens when you decide which Gods are “worthy” of your time.

Loki roasted Kek like the main course at La Marine in Paris. There are fun ways to do everything. Hurt Gods make more followers. Somehow. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Now…. Lokeans own Asatru. For now, we really don’t want it. We’d prefer something much less toxic, and as soon as we get our shit together, we will make sure to create something obsessively over the top beautiful that we never, ever, want to touch publically ever again.

Lokeans are not leaders. And a daughter of Loki is NOT Loki you idiots- if you were any dumber, we would have to set up fucking grow lights and have goddamn weed plants teach you character development.

Lokeans have the best of everything, most especially awesome fucking dramatic, flouncing, crazy bullshit like this.

Every Lokean is invited to play this video on repeat:

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